How to Design a 3d Vector Logo in Adobe Illustrator, Time Lapse Video

Watch how I design a logo icon starting from a soccer jerseys cheap rough sketch in this speed drawing video..

This is a quick tutorial / time lapse vector drawing..

I hope you like it..

The logo shape drawn in this video is available for purchase as a stock logo here:

3d Glossy Logo Icon Vector Illustration




[Hey guys!

Today I am going to take this rough buy cheap jerseys sketch and turn it into this shiny logo icon..

it’s going to be a mini tutorial (slash) time lapse vector drawing..

starting with a skecth is one of the fundamental rules of drawing.. once you move your skecth into your illustrator file, make sure to create another layer on top of it for drawing.. lock the layer with the sketch and dim it to %50.. I always work in RGB mode and adjust the black swatch, so it is truly black. now, I am ready to draw.

I am going to lay the foundations of the drawing by creating a simple circle.. I should also swap the fill and stroke, so I can see my lines.. pen tool is what I am going to use to draw the rest of the icon. you can always go back and fix the shape of the lines by holding down the ctrl button and pulling the handles on anchor points. I do this, until I feel, I have the perfect line.

now, let’s speed things up a bit..

I am done with the lines.. it’s time to color the shapes one by one.. select any shape, and swap fill and stroke.. apply the color you want, while the shape is still selected. I almost always prefer gradients over solid colors. repeat this process for every single shape..

I am further refining the shapes by pulling the handles on anchor points.. from this point on, it’s all about perfecting the shapes, adding brighter highlights, and playing with the gradients to achieve the best possible shading..

this is how you create a shadow to make the icon look like it’s floating in mid-air..

the shadow looks great on a white background but when there is a darker background you can see that it doesn’t have true transparency.. to fix this, select the shadow, go to your transparency tab above your layers panel and from “blending modes drop down menu”, select multiply.. now you have a great, transparent shadow.. a few more touches and we will be done..

So guys, this was it for today.. Thanks for watching.. if you choose to subscribe, because you liked this video and would like to see more, thanks in advance for that as well.. take care..]