Drawing with the Brush Tool in illustrator

Vector inking done with the Brush tool.. I am using one of my own sketches as the tracing image for this vector illustration.

If you would like to see the sketching process, click here!

And to see how you can quickly create an Art Brush in illustrator, you can watch this video.

Also, you can purchase the illustration drawn in this video here:

Guy Wearing a Virtual Reality Headset

and these are 2 additional variations:

Guy Wearing a Virtual Reality Headset

Guy Wearing a Virtual Reality Headset



[Hello everybody!

I am going to be drawing a vector illustration using illustrator’s brush tool. This is the sketch I will use as a tracing image.. If you want to see how this sketch was drawn, there is a link to it in the description field.

If you don’t know how to create a brush like the one I am using now, I made a short video explaining how you can quickly create this brush.. You will also find a link to that in the description field.

Drawing with a brush is a lot quicker than using the pen tool, but it’s not as precise. The good thing is you can always undo your mistakes and continue from the point you want. If you don’t like the shape of your stroke you can also select it with the selection tool and refine it using the brush tool.

Brush tool is a great and easy way to achieve that comic book style. Even though you can get the same look using the pen tool, it’s going to be a lot more time consuming.

Just as there are many ways you can draw in illustrator, there are also many ways you can color your vectors. Since I left the fill blank when I was drawing, I will be using the live paint tool to color this illustration.

If the fill is blank while you are drawing with a brush, you are bound to get some unwanted lines like this one here. I will correct it by merging it after adding some extra paths.

I want to create some shaded areas, and I will achieve it using the pen tool. There is really no limit to what can be done. I can just continue adding more paths, and make it more and more detailed, but for the purpose of this video, I will just leave it here.

I will conclude this video by adding a background to this image using a collage of my older vectors. And here is the final result. Again, thanks for watching. Have a good one!]