SOLVED: Adobe Software (illustrator, photoshop) User interface Too Small – Simple Fix

If you are having trouble with how Adobe Software ui displays on high resolution monitors, here is a solution for you! Although the title is about adobe cs6 software I expect this fix to work for any software you may be having a similar issue. So I am running this laptop on windows 10 and the user interface of some older software appear too small on the screen. For example illustrator cs6. The user interface, menus and tools are all very small.

This is not normal. If you don’t want to go blind, you have to increase the size of the tools and the menus. The good news is, there is a very easy fix which won’t even take a minute to apply. You don’t need to mess with any settings on software preferences. You don’t even need to start the software to apply this fix. So here is how you do it.

Just locate the main .exe file of any software you are having this issue. Right-click on it and go to “Compatibility” tab. Then at the bottom, click on “Change High DPI Settings”, and over here, check the box where it says “High DPI Scaling Override”. From the dropdown, select “System”, click “OK”, then click “Apply” and “OK” again.

Now re-start the software. You will notice the welcome screen is now bigger and the user interface should now have the right size for your screen resolution.

Feel free to try this on any software you may be having a similar issue, and do let me know in the comments section, if it worked for you.