Sketching on Sony Vaio Flip with ArtRage: Virtual Reality

This is a tutorial video of how I do a sketch about Virtual Reality on Sony Vaio Flip 14 using ArtRage Studio.

The sketch is of a guy wearing a virtual reality headset and it will be used as a reference image for a vector drawing.

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[Hey guys, I am back after a long break. I hope everything is ok with you. I am gonna be doing some sketching today on my sony vaio flip. The software I am gonna be using is ArtRage.. It is one of my favourite tools for sketching on my tablet’s screen.

I don’t know how many of you guys remember, but I promised I was going to do a sketching episode in my last video. So, here it is. While you are watching, I want to talk about a few things that may be useful for some of you.

When sketching it’s important not to apply too much pressure. Starting gently with soft lines, makes the process much easier. This is a basic fundamental rule of sketching which applies to traditional sketching as well.. If you apply too much pressure, you are more likely to make mistakes, regardless the tool you are using. Plus, as you know, there is no undo button when you are sketching on a real paper.

Digital enviroments are a lot more forgiving when you make mistakes. There is one problem though. On most devices, including this one, you will experience a slight lag.

Overall, advantages of drawing on a tablet screen far outweigh the disadvantages for me, and even though I find traditional sketching easier and more natural, I still prefer drawing on screen. The best thing about it is that you are not wasting any paper.

I am going to use this sketch as a reference image for a vector drawing. If you would like to see this turn into a vector, you can watch my next video.

There is going to be a link to it, in the description field when it’s uploaded.

I am applying some final touches.. Now is the time to make my lines thicker. I think I am done with this one.. As always, thanks for watching.. Have a good one!]