How to Design a 3d Vector Logo using Adobe Illustrator, Tutorial

This is a tutorial video of how I design a 3d shiny vector logo in Adobe Illustrator.

It’s a cubical bold shape and it didn’t involve all that much actual drawing like some of my earlier designs. The sketch was used as a reference image unlike my last few designs where I traced over a sketch.

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Links to icons drawn in this video:

Cubical Shape of Letter A

Cubical Shape of Letter A



[hey guys,

welcome to another design video. this is what I am going to be doing today. hopefully, I will have multiple versions ready in a few minutes.

instead of tracing over a sketch, like in my last few videos, this time I am using a sketch only as a reference image.

it is all very straight forward but I will have small explanations when it’s necessary.

after aligning my shapes and moving the line a little to the left I am clicking divide in the pathfinder panel. I will be making the stroke thicker. and I will be expanding this shape. once it’s expanded I want to align the top section to the left.

I will make it white and go into 3d extrude bevel settings. want to adjust these settings, so it looks similar to my sketch. you may always pause the video if it gets too complicated.

making a back up copy just in case something goes wrong.

I will be expanding this as well.

and I will give all smaller pieces a different color, because I am going to be merging the shape using the pathfinder panel, and I want to make sure it merges exactly the way I want.

now I will give it a blank fill and black stroke. I will be drawing some additional lines. these will be useful when I am coloring the shape. I will now go to pathfinder panel and click on divide while everything is selected.

I am ready to color it and I will be starting with black and white radial gradient. now I want to change the color of the gradient. you can easily do it by moving the swatches into the corresponding sections of the gradient panel. I am also drawing a transparent shadow. multiple variations can be created in a very short time.

and I will be creating alternative versions by simply deleting the front faces of all the shapes.

I can always associate the icons with a font that fits the style, to make it a complete package.

and that’s all for today. Thanks for subscribing, and thank you for watching. take care!]