How to Design a Glossy 3d Vector Logo in Adobe Illustrator, Time Lapse Video

I demonstrate how a glossy 3d logo icon is created using Adobe Illustrator in this speed drawing video..

This is a quick tutorial / time lapse vector drawing..

I hope you like it..

The logo icon drawn in this video is available for purchase as a stock logo on

Below are links to different color variations..
Blue Version:

Round Glossy Letter A 3d Blue Logo Icon

Green Version:

Round Glossy Letter A 3d Green Logo Icon

Magenta Version:

Round Glossy Letter A 3d Magenta Logo Icon

Orange Version:

Round Glossy Letter A 3d Orange Logo Icon


[hello everyone, welcome to this video.. we have got a logo of letter A here, or maybe an upside down E? depends on how you look at college jerseys for cheap it I guess.. well, whatever it is, stay tuned to see how it’s done..

welcome back guys.. I am basing this logo on one of my own sketches.. it is perfectly possible to design a logo without a sketch but I personally like doing my homework on paper before I go into illustrator..

this is gonna be a time lapse video so feel free to pause at certain points if it’s neccessary..

once you are done with one logo shape, creating variations is pretty easy.. you can alter the gradients by carrying the swatches into the gradient panel..

that’s it for this video.. do subscribe to watch future design videos.. just want to mention this logo is cheap jersey available for purchase on in case you are interested..

thanks for watching..]