How to Design a Flame / Fire Vector Logo Icon in Adobe Illustrator, Tutorial

I am drawing a fire / flame vector logo icon in this tutorial video using Adobe Illustrator.

I am also sharing some thoughts on traditional sketching and vector drawing with pen tool..

This icon and its different color variations are available for purchase here:

Colorful Fire Icons



[hey guys, cidepix here..

I am back again and this time I am going to be drawing a fire icon.. or maybe you can say a flame icon 🙂

I have drawn this sketch on my galaxy note smart phone.. it’s nothing special but will be very helpful as a reference image..

I am using a sketch for almost all my designs, so I think I should dedicate an entire episode to sketching.. and you know what, that is exactly what I am going to be doing in my next video..

now back to this one, I am tracing the sketch with the pen tool and using black as the color of my stroke..

You will see many tutorials on youtube teaching you drawing with basic geometric shapes like circles and squares etc. but to be honest, if you want total creative freedom you really have to master the pen tool in adobe illustrator or any other creative software..

first, you should get comfortable with sketching on paper, second you should become very good using the pen tool.. in my opinion, there is no other way around it..

watching me or any other designers draw will surely help, but what’s more important is the practice you will have yourself.. so get a traditional pen and paper and start drawing right away..

if you are already good with traditional sketching, then practice the pen tool as much as you can and trace your own sketches..

don’t be afraid to go back and make some corrections and tweaking by moving the anchor points around and pulling the handles on those anchor points..

CTRL + COPY followed by CTRL + F

I am done for this episode.. I hope you liked it.. I will see you in the next one.. and thanks in advance if you choose to subscribe.. take care!]